Closing the forum, moving the conversation

We'd like to begin this message by stating that we love the dialogue and interaction the Internet has created between Fine Gardening's editors and readers. Technology, as we're all well aware, has expanded and morphed at an unprecedented rate, and so have the venues in which discussions take place.

This forum served its purpose for a long time. We've decided, however, that with the lion's share of our readers having moved to other social sites like Facebook, we'd follow them there and suspend activity on the Fine Gardening forum.

Our manpower, like most other magazines', is limited. Suppressing the waves of spam that have been appearing on this site has become a Herculean task. We want to maintain an organized and valuable online space in which our users can ask questions, give answers, and share their passion for horticulture, and that's just too hard to do on this forum.

Please join us on Facebook and keep the conversation going.
-The Fine Gardening team


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