Substitute for Boxwood

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Substitute for Boxwood  (post #10077)

Any good suggestions for a substitute hedge plant that would be similar in size and shape to Boxwood?  I live in Cody, Wy,  a zone 4 climate that is also windy.  The site would be loamy w/ good moisture available. Thanks!

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There are boxwoods that some sources rate as hardy to zone 4, such as Winter Gem, Wintergreen, Pride of Rochester and Korean boxwoods.  You'd need to give them a little shelter from the wind though, with burlap or something similar.  The Japanese holly is recommended as a close substitute for boxwood, but it's even less hardy, only to zone 6.

Monrovia offers a Japanese barberry called Kobold that's supposed to be hardy to zone 4, and it looks a lot like boxwood.   However it's deciduous.  I don't have any experience with it, but it looks lovely in the picture.


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Thanks for the info!  Shannon

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No problem.  Us zone 4-ers have to stick together.  :-)   Let me know your opinion of it if you try the barberry.

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I will! Thanks again! Zone 4 does present challenges but we do have quite a variety of beauty to chose from.   Shannon