Trailing gardenia

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Trailing gardenia (post #5202)

My wife has been looking for a variety of gardenia that our local (Ohio) garden center called a 'trailing gardenia'.  When we asked for a replacement (don't ask about the original, it is an "SS"), we were told that he got that one as an accident and wouldn't be getting any more of them.  Michigan Bulb company had them for sale a while back, but family members have had bad luck with that organization.  If you have a source for this plant, please let me know!



Ps.  "SS" is a 'sore subject'

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Tom, I bought my Gardenia 'Radicans' locally, the variegated version, and brought it in for the winter as it is not especially hardy. (Is this the SS?) I don't know of a mailorder source but I have seen it listed in references both as a separate species G. radicans and as a cultivar of G. jasminoides. I thought Logee's might have it, as they sell a lot of tropicals, but they don't list it on their website. Nurseries Caroliniana in South Carolina lists a G. augusta 'Radicans' that is probably the same thing. They are primarily wholesale unless it's such a SS that you need to drive down there, but I think pretty much anything on their website could be obtained through Woodlanders. Here are the urls for those two.

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