Gazing Globes and Pink Flamingos

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I am looking for an article that featured a story on Gazing Globes and Pink Flamingos featuring garden enthusist, Ken Moore.  I couldn't find article although i iknow it was in early or mid-90's.  I didn't see article in the Dec. '90 issue.  Here is a link to a reference to the story - see the end of this article with refence to Fine Gardening.


David Swanson, Landscape Architect

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Wow, that is an old one. (post #19765, reply #1 of 1)


That article is from issue #23 (Jan/Feb 1992). We don't have stock of that to get you a back issue. We could make a photo copy and send it to you or we could scan it and email it to you. What would you prefer?

--Steve Aitken, Editor, Fine Gardening