How long do lilly bulbs take to sprout?

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I planted some lily bulbs about a month ago they have not yet sprouted, Should I be worried? I am not a garden person so any help would be great

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Don't be worried, Stubby. Nothing ever comes up as soon as we'd like it to. Your situation seems normal. Keep 'em watered, and they'll be showing within a couple weeks. What kind are they, anyway?

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Stubby, I planted some lily bulbs last spring (2000) that never sprouted. I wrote them off, only to discover everyone of them popping up this spring.

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They sure seem to take a long time to emerge! Like Gretchen, I've had some that didn't come up the first season. Sure enough, they came up the next. (It helps to mark the location so you don't dig them up by accident!) Most of mine do eventually come up during that season, but they can take a long time.

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Stubby, I planted Stargazer Lilies in one group, and three different colors of the Regale Lily. One group, the African Queen, the one I wanted to see the most, is not coming up, either. This really pees me off, because all the others are coming up. Since I planted them in a separate group in the garden, I think VOLES ate them, but I'm afraid to dig them up and see if they are still there. I hope this did not happen to you..

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DONT go digging around looking for the growing tip. You're sure to knock it off if it's there. What were the bulbs like? Were they firm, or kinda dried out and covered in mold? What type. Martagons are especially known for "sulking" the first year after they're moved. And, spring is NOT the time to buy lily bulbs (unless you got them real cheap). Buy them in the fall, from your local lily society.

Did you know that sometimes the bulbs you buy have been in storage for a year+. They are dug in the fall, too late to get to market, so they're held over in storage until the next fall.

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Martagon, The lily is called Chinese Trumpet Lily African Queen. Like I said ,the others, same variety, in different areas, are coming up, but not these six. The bulbs were of great size, and were in good shape when I purchased them. I did plant in Spring, Like March, I think. Why would the others, although different colors, come up and not those? They are planted in a well drained area with full sun. Thanks for your help!

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If they were healthy bulbs, then just go with what's been said above: they'll be fine and come up next year (maybe their seasonal rhythm is out of sync) or the voles got 'em.

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so this spring i finally got some extra spending money to start a small garden so i planted some morning glories and some oriental liliums. the morning glories poped up within two days but im not sure whats going on with the lilium bulbs. when i pulled them out of the package they had this bright mold on them so i rinsed the mold off and pulled off the parts of the bulbs that were soft and had mold on it. when i planted them, the remainder of the bulbs were firm and looked healthy enough(i think) but idk if i just destroyed the bulbs when i pulled off the mold. do u think my liliums hav a chance???

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Hi chefsprout. I asked Danielle, our senior editor, about your lilies, and this is her response:

Mold on bulbs of any kind is a bad sign, so chances are slim that they’ll be viable enough to sprout. It’s still a little early, though, for lilies to be popping their little heads out of the ground (in all but the extreme South). I would advise giving it a little more time and if there are still no signs of life—take the dysfunctional bulbs back to place you bought them and demand a refund.