Botanical names in captions

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For years we have been taught and conditioned that it's the botanical name that counts.  I pay very little attention to common names any more and was disappointed that you left out botanical names in the photo captions in "Winter's Worst".  I don't want to go searching the article text to find out what plant it is.  It just seemed so missing.  Common-name/botanical-name is like the ying and the yang of captions and the yang was missing.  Please don't let this be the beginning of dumbing down FG for the masses.  

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It is really a space issue (post #19745, reply #1 of 1)

For every person who wants Latin names only, there is one who only wants common names. We always provide both. Our decision not to include them with the captions came down to space considerations. To find the corresponding text, we put the plant names in bold on the facing page.

What I would love to be able to do is to have a botanic-names-only version, just like TV shows have a Spanish language version. Alas, that capability continues to elude us.

--Steve Aitken, Editor, Fine Gardening