February 2012 Issue of Fine Gardening

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Today I received the February 2013 Fine Gardening.

One of the regular articles is the Regional Picks.

Well.......no Southeast Picks. Not cool y'all and either I received an incomplete magazine or you messed up! Not wise to ignore a region completey!


Julie Morgan

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No offense to the Southeast intended (post #19731, reply #1 of 1)


We only have space to publish 7 pages of regional picks in each issue. Unfortunately, there are many more than 7 regions in North America. This means someone gets left out. We usually do either the South or Southeast, but in this issue we decided to include the often-neglected Mid-Atlantic region.

I can tell you that the Southeast will be represented in the next issue (Spoiler alert: it's about tough groundcovers). This means, of course, I will be getting "not cool" reports from the Mid-Atlantic.

--Steve Aitken, Editor, Fine Gardening