Alternatives for Grass\Lawn

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Alternatives for Grass\Lawn  (post #19740)

Hi Everyone, 

My first post and I thought I'd start with one I've been on the fence about. I live in San Diego and own a canyon lot. I have the unusual problem of having too much land and don't know what to do with all of it. That being's a lot of work. 

I have an area of about 25' x 45' where I plan on building a pergola of sorts using 4x6 wood. I am not sure what I should cover the earth with. I've deliberated over concrete, pavers, brick and DG. I don't want to leave it bare as it creates a mess everywhere else when traffic crosses the area. I plan on using the area under this pergola as a potting area with raised beds and a table for for outdoor woodworking projects. 

I am leaning towards DG as I like the look and I *think* it's easy to install. Is DG a realistic cover for an are with medium to high traffic? 

I'd ideally like to do brick but am reluctant to take on the project as I don't know much about setting up the foundation upon which to install the brick. Brick looks gorgeous particulalry when grass\moss grows inbetween the joints. 

I'd love to hear some thoughts based on your experiences. 


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Are you looking for a plant? (post #19740, reply #1 of 1)

San Diego is about as far from Connecticut as you can get. But whenever I head to Southern California, I love seeing people using Dymondia as a groundcover, and it is tough enough to take foot traffic (I believe).

--Steve Aitken, Editor, Fine Gardening