dividing oregano

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dividing oregano (post #19316)

Hi guys, finally one dry, sunny day here in Schleswig Holstein! Unlike most plants this year my oregano became huuuuge. The greek variety as well as the Mexican. Now I'm wondering wether I can divide it like other perennials? Should I be doing it now or in spring to see what has survived after winter?

Thanks for your help!

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Oregano (post #19316, reply #1 of 2)

This can be divided, just like any other perennial that is showing signs of crowding. Either fall or spring is good although more gardeners are leaning to fall since that will allow the plants roots to reestablish before the demands of a hot dry summer arrive.

The sign of a good gardener is brown knees, not a green thumb.

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for your answer. Now I feel a lot better since my oregano  cuttings don't want to grow and I really love this stuff. I also like your brown knee quote. I'll add my special French Manicure to that, it's not white on the tips but - guess what - olive green. Big new fashion. Sanni