Do Animals Eat Raspberry Bushes?

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I bought a two year old home with neglected landscaping and I have to start it over.  Deer and rabbits abound and eat some plants quite thoroughly.  I'm considering raspberries.  Do deer and rabbits eat them?

Are there plants I can incorporate into my garden that will repel these animals from plants they would otherwise eat?

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Rabbits and deer will eat about anything, even plants that are supposed to not be to tasteful if they are hungary enough. Short of putting up good, tight fencing there is nothing that will consistently keep the buggers from invading your garden. 4 foot tall cages made from fencing fabric keeps the away from most of the stuff they will eat during the growing season in my gardens, although the deer have reached over that to nibble on a rose or two.

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West central Michigan along the lake shore

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My sister lives in New Jersey and the deer come and eat the flowers out of her window boxes! She has lost lots of lovely green things including lots of things on the list that deer don't like... what I have read is that anything with thorns like ???rasberries, rugosa roses, barberry, and foliage thats furry like lambs ear rose campion they don't like ... as much... also read daffodils can sometimes be spared.

I do know she has tried deer off but it has to be reapplied after it rains, she hasn't resorted to fencing yet but I know she's considered it out of frustation!

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The thorn theory isn't true.  I've been fortunate so far that they haven't touched any of my roses <knock wood>, but they've eaten a number of my friend's thorny rugosas and species roses along with some evergreen hollies, which have those sharp, spiny leaves.  Apparently, their tongues are pretty tough.   I don't know about raspberries, though I do know the birds love the fruits.


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I have several roses which haven't bloomed in 3 years because the deer eat them.  And the rabbits have kept my seedling poncarus well mowed.


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Gardening, cooking and woodworking in Southern Maryland
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There are raspberries, blackberries and salmonberries growing wild all over the place around here.

The fruits get eaten, but I have never seen any of the plants get eaten.

And I think I have about every varmint and vermin known.

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Rabbits (!@#$%^&*!!!) gnawed off the bark  of a friend's raspberry canes (also roses) big-time, last winter.   We had fairly long-lived snow cover (Southern Ontario), which may explain their high-level browsing.  Where are the hawks when we need them?

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The hawks may be migrating. This summer I shall have to ask Mr. Robinson about who else eats his raspberries. His field borders on the wilderness, I know deer sometimes do.

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