Frostbitten Rose of Sharon

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Please advise me on what I can Rose of Sharon's got frostbitten this spring.  The budding leaves are all brown and dead.  The small stem of the leaves are still green.  I am sick over this.  I have babied them since twigs.  Any ideas to save them?  I am not going to trim them or anything until I get some advice!

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Honestly, just wait. Most likely after a while new leaves will come out and they will be fine.

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Since I posted my question, I have begun to see tiny leave coming out of the branches!  I am so happy!  Thanks for answering my call for help!

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Hi Wolfexfive,
What zone do you live in"you may need to burlap". I live in zone 6 and my rose of sharon are still changing from brown to green.I have never wrapped my bushes.I hope everything works out for you.

Go Mooregreen

Go Mooregreen
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Welcome to the "Fence".  Rose of Sharon is pretty hard to damage.  Might be more people trying to kill it than trying to save it.  If you click on update profile and fill in your profile  so we know where you garden we can often give better answers.

Edited to say that I just tried the update profile that is at the top bu the Taunton name.  It is easier to click on your name in the header.  That will open a window where you can fill in your profile.


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OK, I am new!  I just found how to update and completed my profile!  Thanks so much!