Memory several seasons Garden

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This is new for me.  I usually buys plants from our soccor team fund raiser and plant them yearly.  This year my plan is to plant a memory garden for my granddaughter Ainsley who dies at 3 1/2 months 2 years ago.  We have planted new plants each year and this year I am trying to make it more perennials vs annuals.  We will still plant annuals in the planters for the event, but would like more perenials in the area that is in the ground.  


I am wondering if you can plant bulbs that will come up in the srping with plants that will bloom later and if they can be planted close together or if you have to leave spaces between them.  Would the the flowering season to last longer.  I am in southern Minnesota, so it looks like I am in Zone 3 or 4.  The area is pretty sunny, but I am looking to add the trellises to provide some shade.  


Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated and if you know of any particular plants.