Pruning Cape Fuchsia

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I have a one-year old cape fuchsia (phygelius aequalis 'sunshine'). After our zone 7 winter, it's looking pretty scrappy. The plant is about 24" high at this point. Can I prune it back...and how far can I go? I'm hoping to get off some of the winter burn and promote more fullness.

Also, somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember someone saying these could become invasive. Is this true?!? Perhaps I should rip it out instead of prune if that is the case...

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I have never seen one become invasive (oh that I could be that lucky!). LOL. I'm in Zone 6b here and mine usually die to the ground in the winter and come back up from the roots like a true perennial.  I cut mine all the way back to any new growth sprouting from the base in early spring and they fill out and look great in just a few weeks.  Pruning should not be an issue.


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Thanks! I'll cut it back today.