Raised bed against a fence

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Raised bed against a fence (post #19725)

This bed will be for ornamentals not edibles. If a raised bed (about 12-15 inches high) is built along a fence, is there a way to build it so the fence does not rot? The ground is quite damp most of the time and the dogs are less likely to dig up the plantings if the bed is higher. Could it be done with pressure treated lumber or waterproofing of some sort along the back and stone on the front? The fence cannot be changed.

Ideas anyone?

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Raised bed against fence (post #19725, reply #1 of 1)

All wood in contact with moist soil will, eventually, rot although pressure treated wood will last much longer then not treated wood. Ground contact pressure treated wood will last longer and wood thickness can determine just how long that might be. Any raised bed against that fence will make maintenance of the fence difficult, if not impossible. A stone wall might be a better alternative.

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