Vine Seed Pod found. Looking for identification

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   The wife and I found a yellow seed pod about the size of a large egg the other day. It was on a vine alonf a fence row in some fields were where hiking through. I have look for an identification and have yet to come along anything like it so far. So I thought I would try a post here. As I mentioned it was on a vine. There where several of these pods on the vine along a fence row. If i find a way to put a photo of it with the post i will. In the photo it has deflated a bit and it is not dry yet.  Any assistance would be awesome. I am suspecting it is an invasive weed but just wanted to find out what it is. The pictures do not show the yellow very good.

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Seed Pod vine Identity possibly (post #19718, reply #1 of 1)

It looks like a maypop fruit (fruit of the native U.S. passion vine naturally occuring in all of the Southeastern states to Texas) that has rippened or on its way to being ripe.  However, I would have to see the leaves of the vine to be sure it is the passiflora incarnata's fruit.  If it is in fact the fruit of the passion vine it is not invasive and the fruit was actually used to make jellies/jams and can be eaten out of hand, but is more commonly used for jellies and jams.  I doubt there are many people alive today that make the jelly or jam.

Do you remember what the leaves on the vine looked like in order to describe them to me?  Or, perhaps did you take a picture of the vine?