West DesMoines May Ban Front Yard Veggie Gardens

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FYI. This time it's West DesMoines, Iowa.


Aren't there any advocacy groups out there that speak in defense of home gardens? Or provide grass-roots support for gardeners to prevent these laws? 

Also, apologies for posting this in general gardening.

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Extension (post #19862, reply #1 of 2)

You could check with your county extension service.  It's a good resource, however, it's a govt office and has to be careful about stepping on toes.

We've had the same issue arise here. Fort Wayne Indiana has a large Burmese community.  They are a valuable addition to our town, but some of their cultural differences don't mesh with property-value conscious folks.  I'm a gardener, but I garden differently in the front than I do in the back.  One should be considerate of one's neighbors.  Come on, veggie gardens can be pretty at their peak, but they can also look pretty trashy as the season continues. 

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Front Yard Gardens (post #19862, reply #2 of 2)

Apparently the West Demoines city council has decided against doing thins, although gardeners need to stay vigilant for other such attacks.


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