Dividing Euonymous

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Is it possible to divide a mature euonymous? I have a rather large specimen, which has developed roots from horizontal stems in several places.

Can I section these off and establish new plants with these?

I would simply buy new plants, but frankly I like the look of the specimen I have, and cant find anything quite like it at the nurseries





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You mean one of the groundcover varieties, no? Since some euonymus are shrubs, I wouldn't consider those candidates for division... layering maybe.
The creeping varieties are easy to make divisions or cuttings- just clip off a length, pull the leaves off the base and stick it in the ground... if it has roots, even better, just clip it off and replant where you want it.

Selling plants from an orange box, and doing a bit of design on the side- LI NY, Zone 7ish...

Selling plants from the Orange box, and doing a little garden work on the side.

LI, NY, almost zone 7, but it's been warmer of late :)

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Thank you!

Yes, this is a groundcover type. It is attached to a trellis and is now racing up theside of the house, after relatively moderate growth for the last few years

Should I expect these newly transplated bits to grow much this year? Should I water them normally - any special care during this first season?

thanks again,  Scott

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Hi ~  i have successfully cut and planted self-rooted euonymus just as you suggest.  it worked fine; however, i am not sure but that they may grow more horizontally, especially at first.  my transplants are only in their third year, so are not growing tall as much as wide!  this isn't a problem for me, as i am using them more as a groundcover than a shrub.  someone else here will know more about this, i'm sure!