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grow your own tobacco  (post #19823)

Hi folks
Hope I’m in the right place for likeminded people I have been growing Tobacco in the UK for some time now and have found it very hard to obtain different smoking Tobacco strains golden Virginia seems to be all you can get here unless you want to pay a mad price for seed or get them from abroad , so I have set about getting a pure seed bank going this has taken a lot of time and effort not to mention cost on my part but I fell it is worth it, I have made many friends and contacts from around the world which has been great fun I now have a website where I sell seed not normally found in the UK which helps cover costs i also from time to time swap seeds to try to increase the seed bank and help other growers obtain seed any questions or comments would be great I will put a link if you would like to have a look many thanks.

Also i now have a blog running which i will be updating on a regular basis which may be of some use to folks.

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tobbaco...harmful for health (post #19823, reply #1 of 1)

tobbaco...causes cancer .....why u r involving those type of work....

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