Hello Everyone

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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I wanted to take a moment to say Hi to everyone and welcome you all to visit my new site www.outdoorlovin.com.  I built this site to offer products that I love and know so many more will love.  Our product line offers everything from greenhouse structures to decorative rain chains and much much more.  Just a little about myself….. I am in the process of becoming a Master Gardener in Texas with about 10 hours classroom time left which is very exciting.  My husband design and builds greenhouse structures for major universities, commercial growers, and retail centers all across the Southeast and really knows his stuff.  Together we are proud that we can offer great products that will hopefully get families outdoors and active all while teaching the responsibility of gardening and landscaping.  Again please visit www.outdoorlovin.com which will feature articles and helpful information from some of our favorite writers. If interested in posting your related articles on our site just let us know.